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    Cloud Control 12c RCU-6134:Error while trying to execute JDBC action


      I am trying to install the cloud control plugin on my management server. I get the error above, but I think that may be because of this other error in my emschema.log.PLUGINPURGE file.


      2013-06-10 14:04:17,286 [105fq6f48phk9] INFO  emschema.105fq6f48phk9 - REPOS_CONN is null in check repos user... creating new one

      2013-06-10 14:04:18,424 [105fq6f48phk9] INFO  emschema.105fq6f48phk9 - Connection Exception in checking PRE_UPGC_MASTER_INFOSQL exception - error has occured during the execution. The error trace message is

      java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied


      I reset my sys password and my sysman password. I have stopped and restarted my oms. I am thinking I need to rebuild my repository, but I am not sure. I am working with my vendor (Ellucian) and they have opened a ticket with Oracle. I have sent them the logs from this error, but I want to see if anyone has run into this problem and found a solution, while I wait to hear back from them.