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    How to apply SOA management pack license in OEM

    Roshni Shankar

      Hi All,


      I have a SOA management pack license( license number) Can anyone please guide me how can I use this SOA management pack license with my OEM 12c cloud control. Its really urgent. I beleive we can apply management packs after installation of OEM. Please guide..its very urgent..pls save me


      Please help!!


      thanks in advance!!

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          Hi Roshni,


          SOA Management Pack EE is how you license the majority of the SOA monitoring, diagnostics, and management in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.  Therefore, if you are monitoring and managing your SOA Suite, OSB, and AIA targets with EMCC 12c R2 as I believe you are from previous posts, you are already indeed using the SOA pack capabilities.  In addition, the the EMCC capabilities for SOA management, the SOA pack also includes the BTM capabilities which are a separately installed component.  Basically, there is no special plug-in you need to download for the EMCC side, the FMW plug-in which includes all of our WLS, SOA, IDM, OBIEE, and other middleware management capabilities is included in EMCC just like the DB plug-in by default when you install the product.  It is only the BTM component that would be downloaded separately.