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    XE instance crashed


      I have lost all my controlfiles, spfiles, log files for 10g xe database after server crash.  I only have datafiles, now how can I use these files to create a working new xe instance on new server.


      Thank you in advance


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          Do a startup mount, recreate the controlfile, open the database resetlogs, add the tempfile, and you should be good to go.


          If you have a working instance anywhere, a controlfile backup to trace reveals all commands and SQL needed to do a controlfile create. The critical bits can be found even in an 11g instance- with a sqlplus system connection:


          alter database backup controlfile to trace resetlogs;

          show parameter [dump|diag];


          For a 10g instance, the trace file will be in the folder specified at the user_dump_dest parameter. For an 11g instance, its in the trace directory a few levels below the diagnostic_dest/diag directory.