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    Re: Unable to install weblogic on Solaris 10 (Invalid argument)




      I am getting same problem. Solaris is running in VM on intel machine. thats why i am not able to install WS.bin. I also tried WS..jar but its giving me error


      Exception in thread "main" java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file. i think i am getting this error because JAVA is not installed on solaris.



      PLease suggest if i am right then please share JVM path for solaris on intel machine.


      Thanks in advance



      Vishal Baghla

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          Carlos Cortez

          Hi Vishal,


          Just do the following:


          1. Ensure you have java installed, in a terminal execute the following command:

                    java -version

             You should get a java version when you have execute the previous command, otherwise you should installed first.

             If you install java then you must add the JAVA_HOME/bin to the PATH variable in order to java to be recognized when you execute the installer.


          2. Once you have your java in the PATH variable, the execution of the java -version command must returns you the java version you have installed.


              Finally just run the following to start the installer (assuming you are using the generica jar installer):


              java -jar weblogicinstaller.jar


          The installation should start.


          Hope this helps you