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    Unable to create user under appropriate LDAP group


      Hi all,


      My LDAP server runs on Sun Java Directory Services (LDAP) under solaris 10 to store user details.In the LDAP structure, I have a domain (dc=ABC, dc=mu), then under the domain I have 3 groups GroupA, GroupB and GroupC (ou). Then under each group I have users (uid). The groups and users are object classes.


      This LDAP server is connected to an SAP server from where I need to create a user. The problem is that when I create a user in SAP and when I assign the user to LDAP groupA for example, the group is not getting assigned to the user and user is created right under the domain (dc=mra,dc=mu) and not under GroupA. Then I have to manually move the user to GroupA.

      Pls suggest how to resolve the issue - maybe the LDAP structure is not correct.....


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