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    Log Based CDC - Automating the Scenario Execution




      We were using Log Based CDC for Incremental data load in our ODI Solution. We use the below four steps to automate the loading through ODI Package.

      1. ODIWaitforLogData

      2. Extend and Lock Subscriber the Model

      3. Execute the Interfaces

      4. Unlock Subscriber and Purge the Journal.


      Everything works fine.

      But, we have a requirement to automate this process. Once the subscriber is unlocked and the journal is purged, we want to kick start the package or scenario execution once again. We tried giving an 'OK' path from Step 4 to Step 1. In such case, the subsequent executions were happening under the same Session. We would like to have individual session for each execution of the package / scenario.


      Experts, please share your thoughts on how to achieve this.