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    Add row in manual tabular form using dynamic action


      Hello Everyone,


      I am working on a Tabular Form AddRow Functionality that is using Dynamic Action.

      These are some links I referred:


      SHUNT'S Blog: Building on Dunc's Tabular Form Solution

      Using the above link I am able to add a new row in Tabular form by cloning the row, but problem is that I am having some ajax functionality in this form

      so I am passing the ROWNUM to a javascript function, and for the New Clone Rows its having same ROWNUM that is 1


      how to add rows to the manual tabular form without refreshing the page ?

      So, with the help of Denes comment in the above link, I have created a Dynamic action with the following actions:

      1. Execute Javascript code: Adding a clone row in the Tabular form

      2. Execute Pl/Sql code: As this report is on Collection, I am updating the Collection with Apex_Collection.update_member

      then adding a new member in the collection using apex_collection.add_member

      3. Refresh: Refreshing the Tabular form Region.


      With this I am able to resolve the ROWNUM problem, now as the region is refreshing ROWNUM is getting refreshed.


      But now as the Region is getting refreshed all the previous selected values in above rows are also getting refreshed to null.

      I am updating the collection, but still not able to retain the previous rows values.


      How can I retain the values of previous rows?