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    OWB 10.2 mapping issue


      Hi friends,


      Im working on the owb I performed one sample mapping like below


      Step 1: Created a source module by giving it location as a data source and imported the following table from the db 11g






      Step 2: Created a target module as a data warehouse by giving my 10g db location details and started to create a dimension.


      Step 3: Created the mapping in the target module by dragging the source tables and a dimension from source and the target module.


      Step 4: Deployed sequence, table, dimension successfully in control center. When i tried to deploy the mapping an pop-up window displayed with the source details of my 11g database, once i entered the password and soon after pressing the ok button, i received an message like

      RTC-5318:Invalid location type pair for Name Oracle database and version 11.1

      Im not sure with the above, which is occuring while deploying the mapping. Since i created and registered the source location of my 11g database. But then too why owb is returning error like source location is not registered. Hence i can see my source location in the connection explorer.


      Whether this problem is occuring since i imported the source table from the 11g database, as the owb that im using is of 10g.??


      Kindly help me with this issue friends.