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    Exporting current data-source setup using a script .


      I have the current scenario:


      - I am using an integrated Weblogic Application Server that is integrated with JDeveloper ( for development purposes . 

      - I have a "configuration" on my integrated server that I want to 'replicate' on a dedicated server: mainly data-sources and some JMS modules.

      - I don't want to configure the dedicated server by hand through the weblogic console (I consider this to be a tedious, error-prone job).


      So my question is:


      - Is it possible to export / generate a script that contains my Data Sources configuration (from the integrated server) and import those on another server .

      - I only want to export the data-sources, not all the setup (the dedicated server I am using has a different Security setup and I don't want to overwrite those settings).