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    Oracle 11g Enterprise/ Standard Edition Installation Problem (Installer Disappears after step 3)

    Adnan Ahmad Khan

      Hi Friends, i am new for using Databases, i downloaded the Oracle 11g Enterprise / Standard Edition from oracle site Oracle Database Software Downloads</title><meta name="Title" content="Oracle Database Software D… 

      I successfully extracted the files into a single folder , and then opened the Setup.exe file that is some worth 334kb,  It Then started an installer and i was Prompted for email in step 1, then step 2 came, thn Step 3, But when i selected the Desktop option in Step 3 and clicked NEXT, the Installer disappeared,

      I tried for Server option But The installer again Disappeared in Step 5 that time,

      Please if any one can, Then Please Help me, I don't know too much about Oracle , so please tell Step by Step.

      My OS is WIN 7 64-bit


      Adnan Ahmad Khan