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    OVM Manager Issue with tightvnc


      We are in process of migrating our EBS 12.1.1 from IBM Power AIX 6.1 to OEL 6 on OIVM 3.2.0. We did the following, we are awaiting for the servers to be shipped but before that we are trying to test the environment on our TEST server on local hard disks, we did the following:



      1. Installed OVM Server 3.2.3  on a separate disk

      2. Install OVM Manager 3.2.2 on OEL 5 separately on VMware

      3. Configured the repositories, server pools, local storage successfully through ovm manager

      4. Configured OVM guest and installed oracle linux 6



      After successful installation when the guest reboots the VNC viewer from OVM manager unable to open display. It blinks, blinks and blinks and it does not open display. We have installed tightvnc on OVM managern, below are the issues we are facing with tightvnc:



      1. Clicking on to tightvnc,  some times just stops on connecting to the server and does not open the display

      2. Unable to get display after the successful installation on OEL 6 using the same tight vnc

      3. Cursor issues


      What is proper solution to use tight vnc with OVM Manager. It is such a pain to use tightvnc, any solution, suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you



      shahrukh yasin

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          To display the guest interface, you can use tight vnc or jdk7 with javaws.

          to access to Oracle VM Manager form Windows or Linux you can use jdk7 (i currently using jdk7 base on javaws).


          I hope this can help you

          Best Regards

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            The display issue has been resolved by following metalink note and there are other notes related to cursor issues, the metalink notes are:


            How To Access Guest Console In OVM 3 Using VNC Without Using OVM Manager ( Doc ID 1548825.1 )


            for details on how to.




            For the mouse pointer, see


            Mouse Pointer Fails to Track Cursor on a VNC / Oracle VM Manager Window ( Doc ID 466379.1 )

            ( should be valid for OL6 too )





            Corrupted VNC console in PVM guests running Oracle Linux 6.4 on Oracle VM ( Doc ID 1537278.1 )



            For the non-starting console, please have a look at


            Blank VNC Console Since the Service ovm-consoled is Aborted in OVM Manager 3.2.1 ( Doc ID 1541163.1 )



            I have just followed the note 1541163.1 that has resolved my main issue of not getting the display after installation of OEL 6.4 on OVM, i have then install tigervcnc from the installation media so it is working.


            Thank you



            shahrukh yasin