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    Support identifier for Sun servers - how to get it? Support contract only option?




      I have two Sun servers (Sun Fire X4100 M2 and X4170) for which I wish to download some BIOS updates from the Oracle site. These are servers I use at home, i.e. they're not used for commercial purposes. When accessing the download links I'm prompted for a "support identifier". My understanding is that the support identifier is created as part of a support contract with Oracle, but I'm not sure. Is it possible to get these updates without a support contract? These are BIOS updates so they're pretty much tied to the specific Sun hardware that I already paid for. Failing that, how can I go about obtaining a support contract for these two systems? I've checked the online store, but failed to find anything that resembles server hardware support. Since these are personal systems and not used for commercial purposes I'm not too interested in having to purchase a support contract that is likely overkill -- I simply just need the BIOS updates as a one-time thing. Anyway, if there are other alternatives to getting these updates as well (e.g. developer program, Solaris support, etc), please let me know.