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    Large File Support OEL 5.8 x86 64 bit




      I have downloaded some software from OTN and would like to combine the individual zip files into one large file. I assumed that I would unzip the individual files and then create a single zip file. However, my OEL zip utility fails with the file is too large error.


      Perhaps related, I can't ls the directories that contain huge files. For example, a huge VM image file.


      Do I need to rebuild the utilities to support huge files or do I need install/upgrade rpm's?  If I need to relink lint programs, what are the commands to do such?



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          What file sizes are you talking about?


          The question typically isn't large file support in Oracle Linux (OL), but rather a question of the zip/unzip utility. UnZip's random-access operation and (partial) dependence on the stored compressed-size values limits the total size to something in the neighborhood of 2 to 4 GB.


          See the following link: http://www.info-zip.org/FAQ.html#limits


          OL ships with unzip version 5.52.


          if you want to archive zip files I suggest to use the tar utility, for instance: tar cvf myfile.tar *.zip

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            Correction:  This is occurring on a 5.7 release and not a 5.8.  The command uname -a yields 2.6.32-


            The file size I'm trying to assemble is ~ 4 GB (the zip files for 12c DB).  As for using tar, as I understand it, EM 12c wants a single zip file for software deployments.


            I'm assuming that the large file support was not linked into the utilities. For example when I try to list contents of a directory which has huge/large files, I get the following message:


            ls:  V29653-01.iso:  Value too large for defined data type


            I'm assuming that I need to upgrade to later release.



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              The kernel version does not necessarily explain the Linux release version. Are you sure you are using a x86_64 kernel? Large file support, from what I understand means 64-bit support. Perhaps you are using a 32-bit (i686) system.