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    FRM-92103 server failure has occurred

    Rajnish Tiwari

      Hello Friends,

      I'm Using 11GR2 Oracle Fusion App. Server Using Forms Services.


      I'm facing Multiple problem

      FRM-92103 Server failure has occured. Application needs to be started at Client Side.

      FRM-92052 Fatal Error, Can't connect to the server at Client Side

      But FRM-92103 error comes regular. So please help me to rid off to this problem.


      Thanx & Regards


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          You haven't given us enough information.  Are you running your Forms application from an Application Server or from the Forms Builder?  What is the OS on the computer running the Forms application?  What Java Runtime are you using (please give the version)?  Do you get this error all the time or can you run your application and you only get this error occasionally?  Please give any other information you feel will help us help you!



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            Rajnish Tiwari

            Hi Craig...

            I'm Running my Report from App. Server 11g. And the OS is Window Server 2008 R2, 64 bit.

            Java Version is JRE

            Server Failure error only occurs at client end.


            Thanx Craig...