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    How to use the forum editor to create professional documents (Tips & Hints)


      The easy answer is to switch to the advanced editor and use the formatting features that are available with the new forum software.


      Most people today probably think a web browser is a stable and reliable application. However, this was certainly not always the case. There was a time in the history of web browsing, perhaps 10 years ago, when relying on a web browser was considered foolish. Obviously times have changed.


      The advanced forum editor really invites us to create fancy looking documents. My experience with the editor so far has been disillusioning. The forum editor is not working reliably. There is no way to save your work as a draft. The undo is often unavailable, cut and paste is screwed up sometimes. Sometimes you receive errors (An error occurred trying to retrieve data from server) and when you log in in again, the data may or may not be recovered. Sorry, this isn't good enough for me.


      Luckily I'm used to create documents off-line, which saved me already several times from loosing hours of work. Creating off-line content for the community using the previous system was a nightmare. I always had to maintain two different versions of documents: One original, and one containing the special forum formatting codes. I'm glad that the new forum editor has additional new features, which makes all of this a lot easier to manage: HTML.



      For example:


      1. Using Microsoft Word for example, select New Web page to create a new document any way you wish, or use Save as Web page for existing documents.
      2. Select all content of your document and paste it into the forum editor (full editor view)
      3. The forum editor will strip and filter out some HTML coding, but formatting should be fine for the most part. It won't paste pictures, but simple tables, listings and font typeface should be retained.
      4. Verify the content. If there is anything that needs to be changed, change it in the forum editor using the available formatting options.
      5. In the forum editor, click on HTML to see the HTML source and copy the whole content.
      6. To backup your forum posting, open MS Word and create a New Web page. Select HTML source from the View menu. Replace all existing content with the clipboard containing the HTML source of the forum posting.
      7. Select Exit HTML Source from the MS Word View menu to see the result.
      8. To switch the forum editor back to normal, select Show Full Editor.


      The above worked fine for me for the most part. There are however still some flaws that Oracle will hopefully be able to address in the near future:


      • Copying MS Word web based content into the forum editor using the normal view is fine. This is what the mentioned example is doing. However when copying the original MS Word HTML code into the HTML view of the forum editor, I can select Show Full Editor, then click on HTML again, but then the option to Show Full Editor disappears.
      • The HTML code modified or produced by the forum editor does not always keep paragraphs and new lines after pasting the content into MS Word, e.g. two consecutive tables in the forum editor appear as 2 tables next to each other under MS Word.



      I hope this information is useful and was worth the effort.


      Good luck,