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    Can you call a Java Servlet from ASP.Net program on Web Host Server?




      Run Java Servlets with Microsoft’s IIS – without sacrificing portability

      By Thomas E. Davis June 16, 2000


      The above article tells you how to execute a Java Servlet (with modifications) from a Classic ASP program using IIS. I would like to know if it’s possible to execute a Java Servlet using either Classic ASP or ASP.Net using a Web Host Server that is meant to run programs that run on a Windows platform. I’m asking this question because Java has graphics capability that ASP.Net does not have.


      The following Microsoft article talks about calling non-graphics Java Servlets.




      In addition, there is an article on the Oracle website:  Java Applets, ASP.net - Can You Play Together?



      So is it possible to call a Java Servlet (that deals with graphics) from ASP.Net on a web host’s server? If so, how would it be done.