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    3.2 - APEX: Override fieldset attribute for date_popup item to use <label for= ""> for 508 compliance




      I am currently on Oracle APEX 3.2 and have no ability to upgrade anytime soon.


      Our application must be 508 compliant and am running into the issue of the date_popup field displaying a <fieldset id=""> attribute rather than a <label for =""> <id =""> attribute.


      The code I am using is



      gen_prompt(rec.display_nm, rec.require_ind);



      p_idx => rec.seq_id

      p_row => rec.seq_id,

      p_value => lp_value

      p_date_format => lp_date_format,

      p_size => lp_field_size,

      p_maxlength => lp_maxlength,

      p_attributes => rec.html_attributes,

      p_item_id =>rec.column_nm



      and received this error: function or pseudo-column 'ROWNUM' may be used inside a SQL statement only


      I have tried replacing the last line with

      p_item_label => 'datepicker_'||rownum


      but I continue to see the same error


      I have also replaced the last line

      p_item_label = rec.display_nm


      but I continue to see the fieldset id attribute when scanning the page with the 508 tool.


      In other items such as text fields, if I use the

      p_item_label => rec.display_nm


      It displays the label for attribute fine.  I think the fieldset attribute only affects certain items such as date_popup, checkbox, and shuttle widget?



      I was reading over this question from about 5 years ago:



      and wasn't able to use the workaround they provided.


      Can anyone help??