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    Reporting and Analysis Migration Utility


      Hello Gurus,


      I have been going through the Reporting and Analysis Migration Utility found at -




      Sorry if these questions are very basic but I thought I will post it on the forum -


      1. What is the purpose of this utility? I am not quite clear on what the document says.
      2. Can we use this utility to migrate the Interactive Reports from system 9.3.3 to I think the answer to this is NO, but still wanted to confirm from someone who might have used this utility.


      We have a scenario where we have few BQY files - approx. 50 which generates approx. 1000 reports and which want to upgrade from version 9.3.3 to on the same server

      1. What is the best way to do it? Is this the most appropriate way of doing it per the - Installation and Configuration Guide Release
      2. Are the Interactive Reporting (.BQY) files stored in the RM1 folder found at - C:\Hyperion\BIPlus\data for System 9 on on a different location?
      3. If the files are stored on a local machine, will there be any issues if we use the same set of files (.BQY) after the system is upgraded to
      4. What is the process of updating the connection info for the OCE files?
      5. Is this info stored in the database or do we need to take a backup of the OCE files from certain location?


      I know that those are a lot of questions, but I think this would be the most appropriate way of doing it.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.