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    Database Appliance




           We have Oracle RAC environment with two database servers and one SAN storage. However, as the hardware of existing setup is getting expired, we are planning to implement new setup. Instead of configuring separate database servers, we are looking at the Database Appliance, we also want to go with the Dataguard. Kindly suggest, how good it would be for us?




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          you need to provide more information sir.


          How many nodes you have today, how many cpu/cores licenses you have?


          What's the actual OS? it's EE or SE?


          What's the size of the database today?



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            Marc Fielding

            Hi Tariq,


            This is actually the Exadata forum, so you'll likely get better responses from more of a database-focused forum.


            That having been said, based on the limited information provided, I don't see a reason to exclude ODA as potential option.  Alvaro has great questions that help qualify whether or not ODA will be a good fit for your environment.