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    Essbase / OBIEE Issue

    Daniel Willis

      Hi Guys


      Having a few issues getting Essbase and OBIEE going and thought I'd try here.


      In the OBI Admin Tool I can create an 'Essbase 11' database object but it will only let me create an 'Essbase 9' connection pool. When I then go to 'Import Metadata' I get a message saying 'Physical database already exists, but it is not of the same provider type'.


      My thoery is that this is happening because the Essbase Connection Pool is seeing that there is no Essbase 9 database and trying to create one however my Essbase 11 db already exists; hence the error message.


      This theory is further justified by the fact that 'Import Metadata' works if I choose Essbase 9 from the beginning for the database. I'd be happy with that but I'm getting another issue when I actually try to utilise that db/connection on an Analysis in OBI so I'd like to rule out the DB/Connection version as an issue to start with since that is something obvious. Is it standard to just pick Essbase 9 for the DB & Connection Pool?


      FYI, this is not the OBI packaged Essbase install. EPM is installed separately.


      - Daniel