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    Appending attributes to manifest.mf of a JAR


      Don't know whether this is the correct forum for this question, but i believe i'll get my solution here.


      My application needs me to add some atributes to manifest.mf of different jars without changing the previous version of manifest.mf. In short i want to append some attributes to manifest.mf of JAR. I am using ANT to build my application. In JAVA i can do this while creating the jar with command jar cfm jar-file manifest-addition input-file(s) given here But i want to do this with an ANT Task.  Is there any ANT task i can use for this? if not then the only solution left with me is
      1. Unzip the jar
      2. Update the MANIFEST.MF
      3. JAR up the content again
      This seems to be a lengthy process.
      Please suggest