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    Data Transffer over DB Link


      Hi Every One,


      Please help  me to providing the best solution for below scenario.


      I‘ve to migrate data from one DB to another DB . Both DB’s are different instance. I’ve created the DB links and granted Select privileges on required tables to destination Schema.


      There are around 10 tables and each table contains 2 – 3 million rows approximately.


      Now my question is for this data transfer should I use:


      Using Direct Insert ..Select statement  ( Which contains ONLY SQL and reduces context switching)




      Copy the source table data into local collections and insert the data by selecting from collections.( By using limit )


      And I cannot use COMMIT , So that the entire process executes successfully or  fails.


      I don’t want to some records to be inserted and if the process fails then do the analysis and insert the remaining records. This would be  a problem when we are migrating data in production.


      And what are the problems we face while accessing data over a DB link.