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    Component Text Enrichment

    Bhumin Kamdar

      Hi , I had once successfully ran the Text Enrichment component of the Clover ETL.  But now while i am trying to run the graph again by using another data the graph execution failed. Error is as below.



      WARN  [pool-1-thread-1] - Warning: NO_PUNCTUATION during processing RecordNo.:997

      Radiologic examination chest single view frontal

      WARN  [pool-1-thread-1] - Warning: NO_PUNCTUATION during processing RecordNo.:998

      Radiologic examination chest two views frontal and lateral

      INFO  [TEXT_ENRICHMENT0_0] - Finished processing

      ERROR [SocketReader] - Received error message from server: Attempt to add/replace record with multiple assignments from single-assign property "ThemesPositive"

      ERROR [WatchDog] - Graph execution finished with error

      ERROR [WatchDog] - Node ENDECA_BULK_ADD_OR_REPLACE_RECORDS0 finished with status: ERROR

      ERROR [WatchDog] - Node ENDECA_BULK_ADD_OR_REPLACE_RECORDS0 error details:

      INFO  [WatchDog] - [Clover] Post-execute phase finalization: 0

      INFO  [WatchDog] - [Clover] phase: 0 post-execute finalization successfully.

      INFO  [WatchDog] - Execution of phase [0] finished with error - elapsed time(sec): 7

      ERROR [WatchDog] - !!! Phase finished with error - stopping graph run !!!

      INFO  [WatchDog] - -----------------------** Summary of Phases execution **---------------------

      INFO  [WatchDog] - Phase#            Finished Status         RunTime(sec)    MemoryAllocation(KB)

      INFO  [WatchDog] - 0                 ERROR                              7             73177

      INFO  [WatchDog] - ------------------------------** End of Summary **---------------------------

      INFO  [WatchDog] - WatchDog thread finished - total execution time: 12 (sec)

      INFO  [main] - Freeing graph resources.

      ERROR [main] - Execution of graph failed !


      please help me.;l !!!!!!!!!