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        any one suggest please...

        Here the procedure call is happening from Java program for every 30 mins,(that means I have to return the rows to Java for every 30 misn, if any change occurred in the table) how can I user the trigger for any updates/deletes/insert (DML) operation occurred on the table.

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          Consider this question:


          I have two buckets.  One is full of milk.  How do I transfer the milk to the other bucket, using a sieve?


          Now the correct solution is: don't use a sieve, use a ladle.  No matter how many times the question is asked the correct answer remains use a ladle.


          I hope you can see the analogy.  But in case you cannot, let's review the situation:


          1. People have explained why you cannot use your current approach to track deletions.  You have ignored them.
          2. People have asked you to explain why you do not want to use triggers. You have ignored them.
          3. John has provided a workaround, of not using physical deletes.  You have ignored him too.


          So you can ask the question as often as you like.  But you will not get a better answer than those you have already got unless you engage with the experts who answer questions on this forum.


          Please understand, you are the only person who cares whether you get a satisfactory solution to your problem.  We have provided you with the best advice we can give.  You can choose to ignore our advice, that is your prerogative.  But repeatedly asking the same question does not change the answer.

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