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    Please suggest which server to buy.


      Hi Guys


      I am a oracle DBA. Till now my 8gb laptop was enough for playing with oracle products, But now it has really started to crib. Please suggest me a server with 32/64 gigs of RAM. I will be running 4 to 5 VMs simultaneously. My budget is 2000 USD at max. Can i get one within that range.





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          This question doesn't belong in this particular forum space.

          This space is for hardware-specific questions for those machines manufactured ans sold by Sun/Oracle.

          (For eample:   "I have a model XYZ and how do I install what type of RAM to it?")


          Your question is a software specific inquiry, so you need to go to a forum space related to the software you hope to run.

          Keep in mind that a laptop is NEVER going to be good enough for full load testing of any Enterprise class program.


          So ...

          If you expect to install a database program, then you need to ask your question in a database forum.

          If you expect to install an application server piece of software, you need to go ask in an AppsServer forum space.

          ... and so on and so on ...


          If you expect to install various multiple applications, then you need to add the needs of those programs together then get yourself hardware that can handle it all.   You may even find you need two or three systems to do it all.

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            I understand that. I just thought this would be the right place to ask since i wanted to buy hardware.