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    VDbench master and slave setup


      Hi, anyone has an example of how to configure vdbench master and slave to share with?  Do I have to configure any parameter on the slave system or only need to configure all parameters on the master?  Thanks

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          Henk Vandenbergh-Oracle

          Look for chapter 1.32.5 in the Vdbench503 doc.You need just ONE parameter file.



          Example 5: Multi-host


          * This test does a three second 4k read test from two hosts against the same file.

          * The ‘vdbench=’ parameter is only needed when Vdbench resides in a different directory on the remote system.

          * You yourself are responsible for setting up RSH (default) or SSH access to your remote system. If your remote system does NOT have an RSH daemon, you may use the Vdbench RSH daemon by starting ‘./vdbench rsh’ once on your target system.