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    DBRM for IO rationing...when does IO rationing kick in



      For inter-db or for category IORM, we know to turn it on with "alter iormplan dbplan=<> catplan=<> "command.

      For intra-database IO rationing, what are we supposed to be doing? Nothing but just turning the DBRM at the database level?


      Reason I ask is:

      Let's say, we turn it at the DB, using our RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN='MY_EXA_PLAN'

      What happens to the IO requests for that DB? They automatically are rationed according to the directives in the 'MY_EXA_PLAN'?


      Or should we turn it on using: ALTER IORMPLAN ACTIVE?

      How, then, to turn the IO rationing OFF? Because I get this when trying to turn it off:


      CellCLI> alter iormplan inactive

      IORMPLAN status cannot be set to inactive

      IORMPLAN successfully altered