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    Using Apache FOP within the database and custom fonts.

    Greg Block



      I am using an 11g database, and Apache FOP 0.95 (though can use FOP 1.1 if need be).


      I have loaded FOP into the database (ie via load java) and have been using it successfully (via a pl*sql and my own java wrapper) for some time now and it's great, however I now have a requirement to add custom fonts.


      The Apache FOP documentation (Apache(tm) FOP: Embedding) does suggest I can add a configuration file with font information (Apache(tm) FOP: Fonts).

      However that first link talks about the config (in the 'Using a Configuration File' section) via the setUserConfig call in org.apache.fop.apps.FopFactory.


      It's used via referencing the local file system:

           fopFactory.setUserConfig(new File("C:/Temp/mycfg.xml"));


      I imagine when used via a standalone application?


      So my question is does someone know how I can specify a configuration file at the database level so I can specify my own fonts? ie: via the 'Bulk Font Configuration' section from that 2nd link.

      I can't reference a C drive location, and at compile tile I wont know what fonts are needed (I'd like to specify a location were I can put fonts in later).

      Any ideas ?