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    RMAN Backup specially for tablespaces




      we have a Oracle 11gR2 ( Server, based on RedHat 6, running in our company. For the Backups i'm using RMAN with a script. In that script this code specially creates the backup:


              run {
                  allocate channel oem_backup_disk1 type disk;
                  backup incremental level ${level} cumulative as COMPRESSED BACKUPSET tag '${tag}' database;
                  backup as COMPRESSED BACKUPSET tag '${tag}' archivelog all not backed up;
                  release channel oem_backup_disk1;


      ${level} is for 0 or 1, full backup or incremental backup. ${tag} is the name for the backup. This script is for the hole database. But now i want to change that script to tablespace level. We have some "test" tablespaces, where a backup is not needed. I just found that one:


      backup tablespace TEST tag='BACKUP_TEST';


      But now i'm not shure how i can implement that into my script.


      Can you guys help me?


      Thanks and best regards,