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    migrate oracle xe 10g win ->linux




      i try to migrate database from windows to linux,  and i have multiple unsuccessful migrations

      1. exp\imp - multiple errors

      2. expdp \ impdp as system - multiple errors

      3. backup on windows & restore on linux - procedure can't finish

      rman restore SPFILE /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/dbs/spfileXE.ora

      with lines like this:








      and can't startup database

      if i make file spfileXE.ora unchangeable rman restore bases as


      restoring datafile 00001 to D:\ORACLEXE\ORADATA\XE\SYSTEM.DBF

      restoring datafile 00002 to D:\ORACLEXE\ORADATA\XE\UNDO.DBF

      restoring datafile 00003 to D:\ORACLEXE\ORADATA\XE\SYSAUX.DBF

      restoring datafile 00004 to D:\ORACLEXE\ORADATA\XE\USERS.DBF


      this files look like


      -rw-r-----  1 oracle dba  597696512 Июл  3 18:11 D:ORACLEXEORADATAXESYSAUX.DBF

      -rw-r-----  1 oracle dba  367009792 Июл  3 18:11 D:ORACLEXEORADATAXESYSTEM.DBF

      -rw-r-----  1 oracle dba   94380032 Июл  3 18:11 D:ORACLEXEORADATAXEUNDO.DBF

      -rw-r-----  1 oracle dba  104865792 Июл  3 18:11 D:ORACLEXEORADATAXEUSERS.DBF


      and can't finish w\o errors


      full restore log


      How can i migrate database w\o errors ?