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    Verification of OpenSPARCT2



      I am member at a team at faculty of engineering Cairo university ,that working at a project which is a testing on a unit after been embedded at ultraSPARCT2 .one of our goals is to make sure that's this unit doesn't wrongly effect the other already existing units . we run cmp1_mini so we use its diaglist file (cmp1.diaglist) to achieve that .unfortunately after simulating this diaglist only one file passed (MMU)from the six files but the others neither passed nor fail its status is (N/A) Under Diags cloumn .I have two questions

      1-what is (N/A) express? plz give me more details because its happened many time with us what we know about this status that its happened when there is some thing wrong at the assembly file we run but this file of course has not wrong assembly syntax so we can't deduce where is the problem came from!

      2-how can I get more information about these six files of cmp1_diaglist like what is tests especially their names doesn't help us at all like "kaos" we can even know which is stands for !all six files are listed below

      (1) tso_n1_cross_mod103.s

      (2) v9_4th_kao_02_25_04_4.s

      (3) tlu_halt_Park.s

      (4) ld_blk.s


      (6) mmu_mt_demap_0.s

      Waiting for your reply and thanks in advance.