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    DRM property setup from a Hierarchy


      Hi All,


      I am new to DRM, i need to setup a property as below, please suggest any one if you know the solution.


      I have 4 hierachies

      A Hierarchy with child nodes a1, a2, a3

      B Hierarchy with child nodes b1, b2, b3

      C Hierarchy with child nodes c1, c2, c3

      D Hierarchy with child nodes d1, d2, d3


      Now i have created a property Definition with name 'C' and i want to attach C hierarchy from above to this property, means when i want to update a value for C property against any node in any hierarchy, i have to see only children nodes of C hierarchy.


      Ex: If i want to update the property values for Hierarchy A nodes a1, a2 and a3 against property C.

      i want to see only c1, c2 and c3 as list. the list should be come from C hierarchy only. why because the new value will be add regularly to this hierarchy.


      this should not be done with defined -> list option.


      If any one knows the solution, please suggest.


      Thanks in advance.


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          This sounds like a report with a filter.  Populate C hierarchy nodes with an inherited (for example) property 'C' and then create a report that uses a property filter to include all hierarchy top nodes but only nodes with the property 'C.'

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            Murali Pasumarti



            Create a Property of Data Type AscNode, let's name it as for example: Test

            Create a derived property with parameters as below ,

            If(NodeInHier(Propvalue(Custom.Test),Hierarchy-C),True, False)  --here we are checking whether the user selected value is part of Hierarchy 'C' or not.


            Now create a Validation of class  "Property equals value"  and use the TEST property part of Property to Check and use False as value to check.


            Wish it helps,