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    how to change last part of url inside HTML Body in send email process in Apex Dynamically

    Nilesh Kumar Singh


      I have to change the last part of URL sent by mail in apex dynamically. I have a requirement that a person can register himself with a new Username  and other details. When the user clicks the register button after entering all the required value in the  page all the values will be inserted  in user_details_repository table in data base. At the same time an email with an url link is sent to admin user for affirmation. when the admin user clicks the link he is redirected to a page where all the details submitted by that particular new user is displayed.The admin user can affirm or reject the new user registration. If the admin user affirms, all the data from repository table of that particular user will be inserted to a main table named user_details and the same data will be deleted from repository table.Again if admin user rejects , all the data from repository table of that particular user will be deleted.

                                                                                                              For this I have created two pages for this and all the functionalities mentioned above is working properly except  changing the url link each time a mail is sent to the admin user when a new user register himself . For sending email I have created send email process.I need to change the last part/word of url inside body html according to the username submitted by the new user.

      for example the url for different user will be like this:




      please help .

      if there is some other way to achieve the same please reply.