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    GmailSSLStore doesn't work if password is empty


      I'm trying to use GmailSSLStore instead of IMAPSSLStore but when I try to connect using XOAUTH2 it throws the following exception:

      Exception in thread "main" javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Empty username or password. wj5if3658973pab.41


      I've seen that this is something that happened before with IMAPSSLStore Empty password no longer accepted in 1.4.6 - needed for XOAUTH2 Gmail


      I'm using the implementation that Google provides https://code.google.com/p/google-mail-oauth2-tools/source/browse/trunk/java/com/google/code/samples/oauth2/OAuth2Authent… but substituting the IMAPSSLStore with GmailSSLStore. Am I doing something wrong?


      Edit: I've tried with javamail 1.4.7 and 1.5.0



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          I've found my error. I was adding the following properties to the session:


              props.put("mail.imaps.sasl.enable", "true");

              props.put("mail.imaps.sasl.mechanisms", "XOAUTH2");


          When actually I needed:


                props.put("mail.gimaps.sasl.enable", "true");

                props.put("mail.gimaps.sasl.mechanisms", "XOAUTH2");

          The method looks like:

            public static GmailStore connectToImap(String host, int port, String userEmail, String oauthToken, boolean debug) throws Exception {


                Properties props = new Properties();

                props.put("mail.store.protocol", "gimaps");

                props.put("mail.gimaps.sasl.enable", "true");

                props.put("mail.gimaps.sasl.mechanisms", "XOAUTH2");

                props.put(OAuth2SaslClientFactory.OAUTH_TOKEN_PROP, oauthToken);

                Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null);

                final String emptyPassword = "";

                GmailStore store = (GmailStore) session.getStore("gimaps");

                store.connect(host, port, userEmail, emptyPassword);

                return store;



          NOTE: Because Gmail always uses SSL GmailSSLStore is not needed, GmailStore does the same thing