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    How to display records from base table as well as some other table?


      Hello expert,

      I have a requirement to develope a form described below:


      One control block and database block.

      DB block  is based on table T1 (USER, Table_name, Column_name, ACCESS);


      In control block, there are three fields,

      User, Table user will enter , and DB block will query based on control block fields(user, table_name).


      In table it is not necessary that all the columns of any table will be given.

      suppose there is a Table X consist of 10 column.

      Initially user give access for all the 10 columns through this form.

      if we query for user , table, all the record will come from table T1.


      now consider the case, when access given to table X number of columns were 10. after that 2 new columns added later.

      now there is no info of added column in table T1. i want if user query DB block, these newly added column must display in DB Block.



      Please help me out.