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    buildall.sh env: javac: Arg list too long


      Hi, Having trouble building dbxml in SmartOS (opensolaris). 


      While building Berkeley DB for Java in a long javac command, the script breaks with error:


      env: javac: Arg list too long

      make: *** [db.jar] Error 126


      $ getconf ARG_MAX



      returns a fairly high number - I built the same on FreeBSD with a much smaller number. 


      Any suggestions on how to get this built and what is causing the problem?


      Thanks in advance!

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          WORK AROUND:

          cd ./dbxml-2.5.16/db-4.8.26/build_unix

          create file dbsrcs.txt that lists all the java source files listed in the JAVA_DBSRCS environment variable

          it should look like this:


          save dbsrcs.txt file inside dbxml-2.5.16/db-4.8.26/build_unix directory


          # nano Makefile

          find line:


          and replace with

            $(JAVAC) -d $(JAVA_CLASSTOP) $(JAVACFLAGS) @dbsrcs.txt


          while inside the dbxml-2.5.16/db-4.8.26/build_unix directory, run make, to just compile Berkeley DB only


          once completed, go back to dbxml-2.5.16 and run

          ./buildall.sh --enable-java


          since Berkeley DB was already built, the build script will see this and skip the Berkeley DB compile since it's already compiled!