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    how to make 'Key-Enter' trigger (when clicked on enter key)work like 'F8' key?


      Hi . I have another question to be asked.

      Oracle Forms 6i.

      I have a form in which DEFAULT&SMARTBAR is the menu and there are no push buttons.

      In the form, there is a 'field' named as 'ID No'. After entering 'ID No' in the field and click on 'Execute Query' button from the 'DEFAULT&SMARTBAR' menu, all the details of that respective 'ID No' gets displayed in all the other fields. Even if i press 'F8' all the fields gets displayed with the values.

      But i have a requirement, i.e. after entering 'ID No' and click 'Enter' key , i want all the values to be displayed.

      So i created a 'Key-Enter' trigger with the following code:






      But after entering 'ID No' and click 'Enter' key, the values are not getting displayed.

      What can i do to make this happen?


      Thank You.