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    Regarding 820x306 HIPPA Version




      I have installed Oracle B2B document editor(7.0.5) on my machine and I couldn't find the document type 820X306 under EDI HIPAA 5010 version. Can anybody please tell where can i find the 820x306 version?

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          Hi All,


          I also have a requirement to use the latest EDI-X12 HIPAA 820X306 Version. We are currently using V5010A 820X218 and B2B, Document editor (7.0.5) with HIPPA Add on Installation for document editor which only has 820X218 document in it. Please point me how can I get the ecs file for 820X306.



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            We have the same requirement.

            820X306 is quite new version which Oracle Document Editor has not provided yet. If anyone knows where we can get it, please post here.


            I am going to raise an Oracle SR, and will keep you guys updated with Oracle's solution.


            Thank you,

            Alena Li


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              Hello friends,


              I have requested a SR received an answer from Oracle quickly. Oracle provided Oracle_Standards_Database_EDI_X12N.msi file which includes 820X306 document.


              I'm sorry I can't attach file here. Please contact Oracle for this patch or contact me via email lihua.li@cgi.com.



              Alena Li