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    Display columns in the report reached the limit

    Animesh Tripathi

      Hi Geeks,


      I am getting the below error in an IR Report.


      " The number of display columns in the report reached the limit. Please click Select Columns under Actions menu to minimize the report display column list. "

      I tried reducing the number of columns from the report but the issue is same.




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          Howard (... in Training)

          Hi Animesh,

          (I wonder how many like to be referred to as "Geeks".)


          It may seem unnecessary, but one needs to include upfront as much relevant information about your setup as practical.

          This should include:

          Full APEX version

          Full DB/version/edition/host

          OS Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener/host OS)

          Browser(s) and version(s) used

          Theme used Template(s) used / modified  -- (Revelant/important for some problems.)

          Region/item type(s)

          and more detail about what you want to do.


          Seems you are new to the forum.  If you haven't already be sure to read the "Welcome to the Oracle Application Express Discussion Forum!" Announcement on the Content page (https://forums.oracle.com/community/developer/english/oracle_database/application_express/content?start=0#)


          Also, it might help to know a little something of your APEX background. A "first year user" answer won't be appropriate for a third year APEX user nor vice versa.


          Now, to your question.  There is a limit to the number of columns which can be displayed and it's different in different versions of APEX.  How many columns do you want to display?  If it's more than 100 columns, that's a lot of columns.


          You may also find some useful information in these threads:


          https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2435905     - This one involved the Search capability