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    What are the Oracle E-BIZ Vision Demo Database AMIs


      Found a link to this community from the Amazon AWS site, so I am hoping that this is the correct place and that someone responsible for the Oracle E-Biz AMIs will read this.


      I posted the following question on the Amazon AWS forums...



      Someone I know launched an Oracle E-Biz Vision Database just recently using 2 64bit AMIs on his own account.


      We need to do the same thing on this account.


      The 2 AMIs he used are now un-available (or at least I can't work out how to launch them and they do not appear in a AMI search any more).


      I launched the only 2 E-Biz AMIs that appear to be available currently:


      DB: AMI: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Database 32-bit - OVM (ami-287f8141)


      APPS: AMI: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Application 32-bit - OVM (ami-2a7f8143)


      But these AMIs do not appear to give you the option to install a Vision DB (it looks like they come with a pre-installed clean install).


      I found an old thread saying much the same thing, and the reply was "I believe that the image your looking for may have been deprecated by Oracle and it seems the new AMI is ami-57c1013e".


      Unfortunately that AMI does not show up on an AMI search either.


      I have checked all AMIs matching "Oracle" and all AMIs matching "Vision", "e-biz", and "e-bus", nothing (apart from the 2 32 bit AMIs above) seems to be an E-Biz AMI.

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      So far the only answer says:




      Unfortunately, it looks like they are deprecated:


      </END QUOTE>


      So does that mean there are no current Vision Demo AMIs?


      Any plans to create one? If so when?


      Thanks in advance!