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    zfs record size for OLTP "Application" and database


      Hi All,


      My System is running an OLTP application and oracle database.


      For Oracle database:

      As we know, the ZFS record size have to set to 8KB for the data file system to optimize the performance (and other undo, redo, archive...not to mention here since not important to my question)



      But what about the OLTP Application?


      I remember there have an oracle white paper (Saw it once on the internet, but cant find the link now), this white paper say that Oracle strongly not recommended to modify the record size of a normal file system (non-oracle data File file system). it should always keep as default (128)


      However, my team mate is saying the application file system should modify the record size to 8 also, the reason is, this is an OLTP application.


      So does anyone know is there any document support?