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    Permission Denied when accessing NFS Share


      I have an issue where I am testing a ZFS Dataset shared out with NFS.


      I have a dataset share out like below:

      zfs set share=name=Shared,path=/Pool/Shared,prot=nfs,sec=sys,rw= Pool/Shared


      The share was running fine for a couple days. The IP address is a VMWare ESXi host. I later added DNS info for name resolution via SMF and now I cannot mount the share. I get permission denied.


      The only way I can get this working again is to allow the share open to everyone as follows:

      zfs set share=name=Shared,path=/Pool/Shared,prot=nfs,sec=sys,rw=* Pool/Shared


      Although I've done this kind of config many times I am still fairly new to Solaris so I know there is something small I'm missing. With the restrictions being IP based I can't see the DNS settings causing it but sense I don't fully understand it, it's possible.