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    Global zone overrides local zone default gateway


      Hi, I have a solaris 10 ldom (latest patches) running several zones.

      Global zone uses two networks, let's say its IPs are, the default gateway is set to

      A local zone is configured to used two shaerd network interfaces, Its IPs are on different networks then the global:, Local zone (set in zonecfg) default gateway is set to

      The global zone's netstat -r show two 'default' routes. Traffic seems to work.


      HOWEVER: For some reason, packets sent from the local zone are determined to be 'spoofed' by our fiewall.

      I am not a network guy, but I'm being told that for some reason, packets going out from the local zone are returned NOT by its own NICs but by the global zone's. That is - say a client contacts the local zone from address - The response will be delivered through the global zone's default gateway - (but marked as coming from the local zone IP -


      This seems very strange to me.

      For now it seems that the only solution is to use exclutive NICs, but that's kinda annoying.

      Can the routing problem be fixed?

      This is very important and urgent for us. Answers will be very much apreaciated.