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    How to embed font into PDF - Listener 2.0.2 FOP configuration


      I need to embed custom font into PDF report in order to print one of Slovenian characters: Č (C with caron) This character shows as # sign when I generate standard PDF report using Apex 4.2.2 and Listener 2.0.2. As far as I understand 14 native Adobe PDF fonts are based on Windows 1252 encoding. This encoding doesn't include mentioned Slovenian character.


      Oracle White paper http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/learnmore/custom-pdf-reports-1953918.pdf says:


      "APEX Listener 2.0.2 supports only the Base-14 fonts. To configure additional fonts, see this document: Apache(tm) FOP: Fonts "


      I was able to embed my custom font into standard Apache FOP report server. Solution consist of saving two files my_font.ttf and my_font.xml to server and update of FOP userconfig.xml file (fonts part where path to saved 2 files have to be specified)


      How can I do this on Apex Listener 2.0.2 ? Where is located userconfig.xml file?