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    isolated environment on OVM


      Hi everyone,


      I have successfully configured and installed OVM on a server. This server is managing multiple hosts(OVS) on which multiple virtual machines have been created which are running successfully as well. But i am facing some problems in it as we need to create a separate environment on this which will be used for Performance testing which in turn will be an isolated environment (separate switch or ports on same switch which do not communicates with other vlans configured on same switch/separate switch)


      Any help would be of much use as i am facing this problem since two weeks and it is hindering my work.Kindly treat this to be very urgent and of course help would be much appreciated.



      Thanks in advance.

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          hi guys,


          please help me out

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            To create a separate network, so by using a separate network interfaces or by using vlans. in your case you want to use vlan to test the performance.


            this document can help you to configure your vlan, url.


            I hope this can help you

            Best regards

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              Thanks, but i think there is some gap between us.I asked that I was facing problems while creating an isolated environment using a separate switch where the vm's hosted for performance testing will be connected.We are having 4 interfaces on each machine ( first is used for physical management, 2nd&3rd for allowing the vlan traffic and 4th for multicast).

              The thing which I wanted to do is that take nic2 and nic3 from core switch and connect them to a separate isolated switch so that they don't communicate with other vlans. But trying this gave me a error on OVM so i was unable to do the job.



              Meanwhile im going through the url which you gave, see if you can help me in finishing this task.

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                To configure the Virtual Machines Network with a separate vlan, the first step is to creat a new VLAN Group.

                - Networking -> VLAN Groups -> add: Create a new and also you can create one or many VLAN ID (segments) if you wish.

                The second step is create a new network (to affect the Virtual Machine Network)

                - Networking -> Networks -> add: Then select the Virtual Mahines in the Network channels, and affect the VLAN ID or a segment to the VMs Network.

                finally, your Virtual Machines has a separate VLAN Network (isolated).


                if you want to grouped you both nic (nic1 and nic2), you can create a bonding for both to take advantage of fault tolerance.


                I hope this can help you

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