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    SQRW.exe parameters




      What are the parameters for the SQRW.exe process?


      I ask because I am looking into an existing setup. There is a process setup whereby one of the parameters is a DSN, but this DSN isn't used in the SQR script from what I can see. I would like to know why this DSN is included in the parameter list.


      Thank you all very much for your help,


      Richard Hughes

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          Hi Richard,


          It would be helpful if you could provide a little more details on the process setup. When you say process, is it being run through process scheduler? In that case the executable is pssqr.exe, different than sqrw.exe which is a 2 tier executable and it has different parameters.


          Below given are the flags for the SQRW.exe. It is available in PeopleTools install guide.


          -I -> Specifies the directories that SQR will search for the #INCLUDE files.(A trailing slash is required.)

          -f -> Specifies the directory where the report output will be sent.If you use the –keep flag, specify a directory with an ending slash. If you use the –printer flag, specify a full pathname with a filename for the HTML file

          -ZIF -> Sets the full path and name of the SQR initialization file. The -ZIF flag should point to your PS_HOME\sqr\pssqr.ini file.

          -keep -> Keeps the .SPF file after the program runs. This enables you to view the report with the SQR viewer.

          -printer:ht -> Generates the output file in HTML format. Specify the filename, with path location, with the –f flag.


          In both cases (SQRW.exe or PSSQR.exe) I don't see a flag that could have a DSN value. 

          So if you could provide more details (paste the parameters etc) it would be nice.


          Hope this helps

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            It seems as though the DSNNAME is used to connect to a PeopleSoft database at IBM for some reason. I am new to PeopleTools, so don't understand why as yet. Can anybody let me know?




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            Thanks for that.


            The process is being run via a shortcut with the parameters set within.


            Here is what we have:


            w:\bin\sqr\MSS\BINW\sqrw.exe -i\\include\ -o\\process.log –ZIFw:\sqr\pssqr.ini “\\script.SQR” DSNNAME


            When the process is run, it asks for two sets of credentials. The first set is for the DSNNAME passed in the parameters, the second set is for the DSNNAME that is actually scripted.


            I do not understand what the DSNNAME in the parameters list is actually doing.


            Thanks again,


            Richard Hughes