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    Calling Oracle Forms from ADF - refresh problem makes it unusable!


      Hi everybody!

      I'm using JDeveloper and I need to call an Oracle form (Forms 10g) inside my ADF application. I did exactly what explained in the Oracle doc at this link




      and it works fine. I've put the code inside a region that is in a tab page of my ADF application. The problem is that EVERYTHING I do outside that form (changing tab page, pressing a button,...) makes the page refresh and my form resets (actually it's the applet that reloads).

      How can I avoid this? Is there any way to make the form stay alive even if ADF events trigger? As it is now launching a form inside ADF is completely useless.

      I posted this question also in the JDeveloper forum but nobody is answering so maybe here someone can help.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestion