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    How to create LOV's


      How to create LOV's in SubInventory,Driver_name,Vehicle_number,invoice_number,invoice_value,location,station_name by using


      Create table CC_table               (Fuel_type         varchar2(100),    

                                                   Vehicle_Number1               VARCHAR2(20),

                                                    Vehicle_Number2               VARCHAR2(20),                  

                                                   Driver_Name                   varchar2(20),

                                                   Approved_By                   varchar2(100),

                                                    Invoice_Number                Varchar2(50),

                                                   Location                      varchar2(20),

                                                   Route_Name                      VARCHAR2(20),

                                                   Pump_No                       Varchar2 (20),

                                                   Meter_Reading                 number,

                                                  Fuel                          varchar2(30),

                                                 Subinventory                  varchar2(20),

                                                 Quantity_Issued               number,

                                                 Invoice_Value                 number,

                                                 Station_Name                  varchar2(50),

                                                  Remarks                       varchar2(100),

                                                  creation_date                 date,

                                                  created_by                    number,

                                                   last_update_date              date,

                                                   last_updated_by               number);

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          This forum is for RAC issue only. Please create a new  Discussion in the correct Forum. If it is inventory use the Forum for product Inventory.

          Also explain in detail what you needs are as it is not clear.