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    User235837 -Oracle

      Hi All,


        Iam not able to start the ASM instance in 11.2 , below are the information , please help me to solve this. Even ASMCMD shows Connected to an idle instance.


      IN /etc/oratab iam not seeing +ASM instance details like +ASM<grid_home>:N ( no info for +ASM instance) is that the issue


      [oracle@test ~]$ asmcmd

      Connected to an idle instance.



      [oracle@test ~]$ . oraenv

      ORACLE_SID =  +ASM

      ORACLE_HOME = [/home/oracle] ? /app/grid/product/11.2.0/grid

      The Oracle base remains unchanged with value /app


      [oracle@test ~]$ !sq


      Enter user-name: sys as sysdba

      Enter password:

      Connected to an idle instance.


      SQL> startup

      ORA-00099: warning: no parameter file specified for ASM instance

      ORA-01031: insufficient privileges