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    Storing the File in the Blob object and Publishing the content as e-mail


      Hi All,


      Oracle Database Version:


      We have a requirement below:


      The basic requirement is to send an email to the user about order information, with specific subject and the corresponding e-mail body.

      Here the E-mail body is very exhaustive, so we are asked to store the content of the e-mail in a word document and store this word document in a tables column of type BLOB.

      Once we store this file in the BLOB column, when we send the e-mail to the customer we need to publish the content of the file in the e-mail body and send the e-mail to the user (This E-mail body has some dynamic content as well, that needs to be generated on the fly). This e-mail sending part is done by the shell script.


      How can i publish the content of the BLOB object in the e-mail body. Please advice.


      Thanks and Regards